Aegishjalmur symbol

Description and meaning

The Aegishjalmur or Aegir’s helmet is a symbol of protection and power. It has  many small details that suggest these ideas of protection and power. In example, tridents are considered a connection to the Nordic rune of protection. In total, there are eight tridents, which is a direct association with almighty Odin. It is thought that eight is connected to Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir, which is how the Aegishjalmur is associated with protection and power.

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what does it mean?

The name of this symbol is ægishjálmr, or Ægishjálmur, means "helm of awe". Also known as "helm of terror" in the sense of striking terror into one's attackers. It it mentioned in the sagas often in the context of a "shield of terror" or the "mask of dread"

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The term Ægishjálmur may translate as a "helm" (Norse root Hjalmar, similar to German Helm or Helmut) but in all likelihood it did not refer to an actual helmet. It does not have the recognizable shape of a helmet, but rather a radial design like a spider web, or more accurately, like a pine tree viewed from the top, with the branches sorting out into a radial pattern.

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The description of this object or symbol as a "helm" most likely originated in one of two ways: (1) first, as a bind-rune painted on circular wooden shields, with a radial pattern of symmetric Algiz runes arrayed around the central bushing, and (2) second, as a largely sorcery-based metaphysical protection for one's head (and thus one's life) rooted in the mysterious shamanic type of Norse magick known as seiðr which also had analogues in Scythian and Getic traditions. Both theories have merit, and it is possible that the real history of this symbol took some input from both realms of Germanic magick. The rune-origin and seiðr -origin theories are here explored.

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The idea of Ægishjálmur being a combination of 8 radially arranged Algiz runes with amplifying triple-cross lines and a central circle, is not far-fetched at all - and being essentially a magickal symbol for invincibility in battle, it is definitely related in purpose to the reported nature of Algiz, since the Anglo-Saxon rune poem, which renders Algiz as Eolh, or the Elk,  indicates this rune represents a prickly and dangerous thing never to be touched:

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