No person was meant to be a lone wolf, though some might disagree. With the statistics of loneliness at its highest, it proves essential connections are necessary for happiness. Not convinced? Let’s explain.

Benefits of Quality Friendships

· Healthy, meaningful relationships boost your physical health. They prevent you from doing damaging practices and influence you to adopt more nourishing ones.
· Good friends encourage you when you don’t believe in yourself. We’re our own worst critics so having other people you trust to share their view of you will help you gain self-confidence.
· Genuine friends provide a listening ear when you want to share an important topic, issue, or simply how bad your day went as well as how you feel about it. It prevents emotions from bottling up.
· You get a “safe space.” It doesn’t refer to a location but merely knowing that a good friend wouldn’t judge you, and places value in your thoughts and opinions.
· Friends also cherish your advice because they trust you, allowing you to influence the world, one friend at a time.
· You’re always learning or trying something new. For two different people to live peacefully, you respect your differences and occasionally entertain a new dish, activity, or idea.
· You are who your friends are. As you influence people, they change you back.

How to Know if Your Friendship is Healthy

1. You discuss what you don’t agree on. Fights are normal between people who spend much time together, but good friends should allow you to be your own person and vice versa.
2. They respect your boundaries, and you respect theirs. Respect begets respect.
3. You’re honest with each other. Because you agree to disagree, and you understand there are lines not meant to be crossed, you’re secure with who you are when with one another.

Several things can make a person happy, but great people and the memories you create with them are irreplaceable. Treat your friend this International Day of Friendship! Go all out or keep it simple. Your friend will appreciate whatever you have to give as long as it’s done sincerely.