Aegishjalmur Spear Pendant

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“The wearer of this symbol will not lose his way during storms and bad weather, even if he does not know of his destination”.

When we think of Norse mythology, one of the first things that come to mind is a great deal of symbolism within it.

It simply is not possible to understand Norse faith without having a good grasp of Norse symbols and their meanings.

That is why we thought it is time to start going over them one by one. So, here comes Aegishjalmur/Aegishjalmur/Ægishjálmr, the Helm of Awe and Terror, one of the most prominent Viking symbols.

The name Aegishjalmur is a compound word comprised of two root words, ‘Aegis’ and ‘Hjalmr’. In Old Norse, Aegis meant ‘shield’ and Hjalmr meant ‘helm’.

Thus, the Aegishjalmr really referred to a symbol that was marked on the forehead and between the eyes of the Viking warrior before the battle.

Available in metal alloy.
Comes on a 60cm stainless steel chain.

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