Real Horn Viking Tankard

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Authentic Buffalo Horn Mug.

Invite the boys over for binge-watching sports or just have a fun rowdy time with the gang inside the man cave! Take out your Real Horn Viking Tankard from your display cabinet and get the ball rolling.

A unique bar gift for friends and a great addition to your theme parties and board game reunions. This buffalo horn mug will definitely make your friends reunions more fun and exciting for you and the squad.

Check out these amazing features:

• DRINK LIKE A TRUE VIKING – Take yourself back to the medieval period where Vikings reign and men are tough and rugged. Enjoy a cup of your favorite drink and go on cheering with the guys without a care in the world just like how a Viking would be. Watch your sports game or the Super Bowl with this cup in your hand.
• MADE FROM GENUINE BUFFALO HORN – You can never go wrong getting yourself a mug that is authentic and original. They are truly made from buffalo horns that gives off that distinct color and texture that will provide an enriching drinking experience.
• PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – May it be a party, a wedding gift, or even a birthday celebration for your best friend, this horn mug will never disappoint.
• HANDCRAFTED FROM DURABLE MATERIAL – Each mug is different from the rest as they are handmade giving the mug its very own characteristics.

How to Clean Your Horn Mug:
1. Handwash your horn mug after each use.
2. Let the water run through the whole mug thoroughly both exterior and interior.
3. Cleanse the mug using a soft towel immediately after hand washing.
4. Make sure there is no extra water or moisture left on the mug.

500-600ml capacity.
Each horn is unique and will vary from what is pictured here. From shape to size, color and stripes, you will definitely see the difference with each buffalo horn mug you are purchasing.

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