Triquet Wolf Leather Bracelet Black Bronze

$33.99 $67.98

The Triquet Wolf Leather Bracelet is a statement piece. This handmade black leather piece features a metallic bronze plate with an engraved wolf with triquet symbol in its design, small button-like details and with a leather ribbon entwined around. The wolf can represent the destructive forces of time and nature, for which even the gods are not a match or it can also represent the most valued characteristics of bravery, teamwork, and shamanistic power. The triquet represents life, death and reincarnation but also forces of nature such as earth, water and air. A true conversation starter.


Bracelet type: Leather bracelet
Closure type: Belt closure
Material: Zinc alloy, Leather
Bracelet length: Adjustable 18 cm to 20 cm

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